Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feeling tentative...

I've been thinking about returning here a lot, lately. I'm nervous, though. Too much time has passed. But I have so much to say. It's been a big year, such a BIG YEAR.  So many things have happened. I want to tell about them, but I'm not sure how yet. I'm not one to keep things quiet (though sometimes my husband wishes I'd keep them just a little bit quieter), but I'm also feeling tentative about telling them in PUBLIC, as in the world of no-filters, anyone-can-read-it public.

We leave for Maine in two hours. Two nights in South Berwick with beloved family on their incredible homestead, and then a week on Isle au Haut with Chris's family. A night in Portland on the way home (a.k.a. Oysters at Eventide and a five-year-old's birthday party). I'll have ten days with no screens, no connection. I brought a notebook-- I always write like mad when I leave the City. This trip, no doubt, will be no exception.

Maybe I'll be ready when I get home.

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